Tray, a cloud-based point-of-sale provider designed to work on legacy hardware, announced a new partnership with Alraedah Digital Solutions, a digital solutions provider based in Saudi Arabia. 

Tray is a cloud-based POS that can operate on legacy hardware.

This agreement is aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprise-grade customers across various industries in the MENA region of Middle Eastern and North African countries. 

As an exclusive reseller of Tray’s software in Saudi Arabia, Tray says Alraedah Digital Solutions is “uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of businesses in the hospitality sector, with customized solutions that meet the unique requirements of the KSA SME market.” 

The company added that this partnership will enable Alraedah Digital Solutions to provide existing and future customers with efficient and reliable electronic cash register solutions that optimize business operations and enhance customer experiences. 

“With Tray’s advanced technology, we are thrilled to elevate the value and quality of services offered to SMEs in Saudi Arabia,” said Alraedah Digital Solutions CEO Paul Melotto. “This partnership signifies our commitment to championing entrepreneurial growth and contributing to a comprehensive and integrated approach to servicing SMEs in Saudi Arabia.”

Through this strategic partnership, Alraedah Digital Solutions will offer hospitality operators what it calls a more efficient and reliable POS solution to optimize business operations and enhance the in-store customer experience. 

Tray’s experience in delivering electronic cash register solutions coupled with Alraedah’s “commitment to championing growth for independent and fast-growing brands,” will empower and enhance existing service offerings such as POS financing, and also contribute to the overall development of the SME sector in Saudi Arabia.          

“The signing of this agreement marks an important step in the growth and global expansion of Tray, and we could not ask for better partners in bringing our technology to businesses in the Middle East,” said Tray CEO Peter Kellis. “We see great synergies between our two parties as we continue to provide our restaurant partners the technology they need in a constantly evolving digital age.”

The agreement between Tray and Alraedah Digital Solutions expands Alraedah’s ability to serve SMEs, and establishes a holistic ecosystem to support their growth, aligning with the goals of Vision 2030 to enhance Saudi Arabia’s GDP. Additionally, this partnership demonstrates Alraedah Digital Solutions’ capacity to attract international companies into the Saudi market, further enhancing the value and quality of services offered to the underserved SME market.