Uber Eats is making moves to capture a greater portion of the catering market with a new Vouchers for Uber Eats program that gives businesses and salespeople a way to provide free or discounted meals to employees or customers, whether they’re back in the office, on the road or still confined to their homes.

Rolled out under the Uber for Business brand, which also lets companies provide rides for clients or employees that are charged directly to a corporate account, the new program is being positioned as a way to strengthen client relationships and improve employee engagement in this new, more-distanced era.

It’s an expansion of Uber’s corporate meal program launched earlier this year. Now with the ability to control how organizations spend money on meal options, Vouchers creates single or bulk campaigns that are tailored to individual meals, whether it’s a sales call or a company get-together. The meals come from any restaurant on Uber Eats platform, a nifty win-win.

In the press release, Uber said that its Voucher program is also an option for providing meals to attendees at virtual conferences, remote sales training or webinars. All companies with Uber for Business accounts can utilize the corporate offerings, including Vouchers, at no additional cost.

Pressed for further details about the program, an Uber spokesperson said it’s a milestone for Uber for Business and is part of the company’s ongoing effort to “adapt and best serve the needs of our customers and communities during an unprecedented time.” Our contactadded that the vouchers program was fast-tracked after being tested in more than a dozen countries earlier in the year.

“As companies begin to look toward coming back into offices and getting back to business, they will need corporate meal solutions that are safe, scalable and cost effective,” the spokesperson said. “We’re excited to be able to deliver on those promises with Vouchers for Uber Eats and see a big opportunity ahead in the rapidly growing corporate meal space.”

Companies that offer the meals can select how long individuals have to redeem their meal vouchers, ranging from a few hours to as long as a few months. Users can choose the type of voucher they want to offer, add a group name, plug in start and end dates and include an internal memo to tailor meal campaigns for the situation.

Since the launch of the new Uber for Business features in late February, the company has seen the number of active Eats users grow an average of “almost 90 percent per month.”
More information on the program is available at uber.com/business/eats.