For shoppers that prefer to skip face-to-face interaction with a cashier but still want a faster option than self-checkout, Instacart’s latest grocery technology may be the right fit.

The online grocery marketplace has launched the newest version of its smart carts for shoppers.

Powered by AI and equipped with computer vision technology and weight scales, the Caper Cart recognizes and scans items as they are placed in the cart, ringing up totals automatically. The carts feature a large touchscreen that displays prices, helps customers navigate the store and checks off items from a premade list online.

The Caper Carts feature a large touchscreen that displays totals and allows for checkout via a barcode.

“Customers’ shopping preferences are rapidly evolving, demanding greater convenience and personalization in physical stores. To meet these changing expectations, we’re committed to developing innovative solutions that connect the best of online shopping with in-store technologies, creating a truly unified shopping experience,” said David McIntosh, VP and GM of Connected Stores at Instacart.

The updated Caper Carts build on existing deployments and are slimmer, lighter and hold 65 percent more than past models. Another added feature appealing to grocers is “stacked charging,” allowing them to charge batches of carts at once, eliminating the need to do so separately or swap out batteries.

The smart carts debuted at ShopRite of Spotswood in New Jersey with plans to launch at Fairway Market in Kips Bay, Manhattan, N.Y. in the coming weeks.

Both stores are available to retailers through Instacart’s e-commerce platform through its “Connected Stores” program. Connected Stores assists grocers in bridging the online and in-store shopping experience, by helping build an online presence while offering in-store technology such as Caper Carts, Scan & Pay options via mobile phone, Carrot Tags and more. Carrot Tags connect with electronic shelf labels to make finding products easier. Customers select an item on their phone and the corresponding shelf label will flash, indicating the location.

“We’re delighted to work with Instacart to bring this innovative technology to our customers at some of our stores,” said Cheryl Williams, chief information officer at Wakefern Food Corp, the retailer-owned cooperative with banners that include ShopRite and Fairway Market. “Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience, and the new, enhanced Caper Cart streamlines the shopping and checkout process while offering new opportunities to engage with customers at the point of purchase.”

The Caper Carts also offer increased personalization with its store partners. Customers can link their ShopRite loyalty account directly to the Caper Cart to apply digital coupons via the cart interface.

Instacart’s partnership with Wakefern Food Corp comes as others in the smart shopping space continue to make headway. In the U.S., Amazon has deployed Dash Cart in numerous locations, while tech company Cust2Mate recently announced a partnership with IR2S to roll out 30,000 smart carts by the end of 2025 to French retailers.