PDQ Chicken is making it easier to mind your Ps and Qs when ordering in-store by taking humans right out of the equation and placing self-ordering kiosks in its 53 locations.

PDQ has enlisted Samsung and GRUBBRR for its kiosks, which it began placing in stores in a three-phase rollout, starting in April and ending in June.

PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality and this seems to be a quality move, according to data provided by the company. It shows that in the pilot stage of the rollout, 20 percent of customers chose automated upsells using kiosks, contributing to a 25 percent average ticket increase.

The kiosk integrates into PDQ’s point-of-sale systems, enabling data flow through existing integrations. PDQ can use its reporting features from the enterprise portal to tie performance against set KPIs and benchmarks.

“After testing GRUBBRR’s kiosks, the question wasn’t whether or not we should do them, but how fast can we roll them out,” said Eric Knott, chief operating officer at PDQ in a statement.