Realizing the issues owners and operators face while managing off-premises delivery, Signature Systems has launched a third-party fulfillment product, aiming to streamline delivery with a customizable approach that harnesses third-party staffing whenever needed.

With deep roots in the food and beverage space, Signature Systems Inc. is a 35-year technology solutions provider that’s home to the PDQ brand and its signature product, the PDQ point-of-sale (POS), an all-concept point-of-sale management system. The company got its start with pizzerias, before landing an exclusive on-going partnership with Jimmy John’s back when the chain was still growing into the powerhouse it is today. In recent years, the company also dipped its toes into the casino landscape. However, a large customer base of the PDQ brand serves independent mom-and-pop shops.

Signature Systems Inc. is home to the PDQ brand and its signature product, the PDQ POS, an all-concept point-of-sale management system.

With a variety of clients under its umbrella, the company prides itself in its customization and integration features, tailoring its POS services to meet businesses where they are. In its latest product launch that mindset continues with its PDQ Third-Party Fulfilment (3PF) feature, a POS-integrated and standalone solution with automated delivery management.

Hybrid driver solution

The feature is intended to assist restaurants that either already leverage both in-house and third-party drivers or are looking for a hybrid solution to manage both as cost-effective as possible.

“Fully outsourcing delivery is an expensive proposition given the fee structure you’re compelled to pay—not to mention the potential harm to your reputation when things go wrong,” said John White, EVP and CTO for Signature Systems.

“Trying to manage internal staffing and third-party staffing is kind of difficult,” added Larry Fiel, VP of marketing at Signature Systems. “But what if there’s a way that’s programmatic, where you can get an online order and say to yourself, ‘gee, I’m short staffed or my drivers are all busy what do I do?’ You can do what’s called a bid out,” he said.

The natively integrated feature will “bid out” delivery order(s) to DoorDash and Uber Eats. It provides operators with the ability to determine and select the best option for third party delivery based on the quickest and cheapest trip.

PDQ 3PF offers single-fee order stacking, real-time analytical reporting and tracking for driver locations, ETAs, and progress.

The feature also allows operators to opt-in to “automatic overflow” in which delivery orders are automatically dispatched to the best third-party option, again ensuring the speediest time and best rate.

“This can also expand your delivery territory,” said Fiel. “You could program to have [in-house] drivers do a 10-mile radius, and use a third party to go a 15 or 20-mile radius,” he explained.

In addition, the PDQ 3PF feature offers order stacking, charging only a single fee for multiple deliveries. It also provides real-time analytical reporting and tracking for driver locations, ETAs, and progress. There’s also an app for on-the go tracking.

PDQ 3PF is available for those utilizing PDQ POS systems as well as any other provider’s POS system.