McDonald’s Now Catering Breakfast

Following in the footsteps of Dunkin’ Donuts, which began a catering test in four states in March, McDonald’s is in the midst of its own breakfast catering trial program in Central Florida. Several breakfast bundles, such as a six-pack of steak Egg McMuffins or the Breakfast Boss (six bacon, egg and cheese McGriddles, six sausage burritos, three hotcakes platters, six hash browns, three fruit and maple oatmeals, six Apple Slices packets) that serves 12, are available for pick-up or delivery from UberEats at 195 McDonald’s restaurants in the Orlando area. Each restaurant sets its own pricing, the company said. That steak McMuffin six-pack, for example, is $28.14 when delivered from a location on Orange Avenue, while the Breakfast Boss is $59.96. McDonald’s also created a dedicated phone line for pick-up catering orders.

Amazon Restaurants Joins Denny’s On Demand

Denny’s On Demand, the takeout and delivery program the diner brand launched last year, brought another delivery company into the mix in the form of Amazon Restaurants. Denny’s is connected to Amazon Restaurants via Olo Rails, enabling Prime members to find their nearest Denny’s location and have the order sent directly to the restaurant, where it is prepared, picked up by Amazon Flex delivery partners and delivered to the customer. Denny’s already took orders via Amazon Alexa. Since the launch of the on-demand program in May 2017, Denny’s said more than 3 million orders have come through the various digital channels.

Uber Eats Goes After the Gamer Crowd in Ninja Partnership

Gamers gotta eat, and Uber Eats is trying to remind them the food pyramid that isn’t another name for a Dorito.

In a new advertising partnership with the famous esports player known as Ninja, Uber Eats is looking for inroads to some of the indoor kids. Ninja, known as Tyler Blevins in the real world (IRL), said it was an easy partnership.

“I’d already been using the Uber Eats app for a long time — and it’s super simple to use,” Blevins said in a statement. “That’s just what I look for when I go into partnerships. If something comes to me that I’ve never used before for a potential partnership, then it doesn’t feel real or natural. This one is a match made in heaven.”

While streaming for as many as 300 hours a month, it’s a wonder Blevins eats at all, but delivery certainly saves some time. He said his favorite gaming meal is grilled cheese or pizza, but he’ll get a steak after a big win.