A new model for ghost kitchens has quietly rolled out in Los Angeles. CloudKitchens opened up what amounts to an alley adjacent to several shared-kitchen storefronts.

According to the foodservice newsletter HNGRY, it’s an expensive new idea that combines both drive-thru and shared-kitchen operations. According to the publication, CloudKitchens bought the land for $420,000 and spent a further $1.5 million for three custom shipping-container kitchen facilities.

It’s the first modular site for the secretive company and is located nearby the University of Southern California.

Currently, a golf cart ferries orders from each of the kitchens, brining them to a central lobby for pickup. The design, however, and renderings suggest that it will be open to courier drivers in a drive-thru format.

There’s not a lot of information on the new project, dubbed the Grand Food Depot, but head over to HNGRY to get a look at the site via aerial drone footage.