Portillo’s, the Chicago-dog institution, will be coming to diners via native delivery soon. The company first implemented delivery via DoorDash in 2017 and has expanded with Uber Eats as well, but a new hiring spree of “several hundred” workers will help the company pivot into in-house delivery program.

According to a press release outlining the move, “The chain will soon begin using its own drivers to deliver select orders that come through portillos.com or its app, bringing the true Portillo’s experience to customer’s doorsteps.” A company representative said there will be no ticket or order-size limit on orders with internal drivers, but they would only take company channel orders form the app and website. The delivery radius will vary from four to eight miles from the restaurant.

Diners who order direct form Portillo’s and not a third-party platform will also “have access to limited-time offers, the lowest prices, birthday club rewards and now the brand’s own drivers.”

In-house delivery has already been piloted in some locations and is set to roll out to the rest of the brand within the next month, hence the hiring of “several drivers” for each of the Oak Brook, Illinois,-based company’s 62 locations to staff the position.

The company representative said DoorDash and Uber Eats aren’t going anywhere, noting they had “great partnerships” with the delivery companies.