Alexis Kukuka

VP Operations, Sous Vide Kitchen – A Virtual Food Hall

Alexis holds a dual role as VP of operations for Sous Vide Kitchen as well as director of operations for JBH Advisory Group.

With over 20 years of operational experience Alexis, and the JBH team were leaders in the development and creation of their Virtual Food Hall concept years in advance of the current trends. The idea for Sous Vide Kitchen was created as a holistic solution to combat the challenges facing the restaurant and food service industries. The hyper efficient model solves for common challenges including food safety, consistency, labor, training, and recued overhead expenses, while presenting a variety of modern and exciting brand offerings.

Prior to her current roles, Alexis worked for restaurant and hotel companies including Hillstone Restaurant Group, Carlson Restaurants, and Marriott. Alexis is a graduate of Penn State University and resides in resides in Margate City, New Jersey, with her husband and two boys.

Contact Alexis at [email protected], and learn more at

Headshot of Alexis Kukuka