Editor’s note: Grocery Pup is now known as A Pup Above. 

A new startup called Grocery Pup is bringing freshly cooked meals—for your dog—right to your doorstep. Billed as the “tastiest and most nutrient-rich cooked dog food,” Grocery Pup uses sous-vide cooking to achieve what it claims is the highest quality, human-grade, and most convenient dog food around.

Shoppers can buy products on a one-time basis or opt for a subscription method like human-focused meal kits. The subscriptions are based on the dog’s weight for proper portion control.

Using the sous-vide cooking method, Austin, Texas-based Grocery Pup fills BPA-free vacuum-sealed bags with high-quality raw ingredients rather than livestock-grade feed. The brand adds that sous-vide cooking method is also helpful at keeping the food from drying out.

This company is catering to health-conscious dog owners who don’t want any canine side-eye when bringing Whole Foods totes into the house. According to co-founder Ruth Marriott, 31 percent of pet owners cook for their pets, which could obviously be a significant time sink. She added that the brand’s food is “a product that’s really enabling those people to feed that type of food more conveniently.”

According to the website, Grocery Pup is also selling its doggy meals at certain brick-and-mortar pet stores as well as same-day delivery through Jet.com.