When we order food in the office via one of the third-party apps, it’s not hard, but it’s also not easy. Generally, whoever had the great idea to get food delivered has to glean everyone’s order from our office messaging app Slack and plug them in or wander around the office sharing his or her phone for every person’s order. In short, it’s clunky.

Waitr revamped its group ordering to make that easier along with a few other quality-of-life perks in its new app. According to Waitr Product Manager Coco Pahl, these changes will keep customers eager to order again and restaurants happy with higher order volumes.

The new app also includes a better menu interface with more useful buttons, a restaurant favorites list, easy address and other information via auto-population and a single-screen confirmation and payment. The new app will also track past orders easily and include an “Order It Again” feature for users to quickly add regular orders to their cart. And finally, the app will alert users if they plug in an address that GPS shows is more than 300 feet away, slimming the chances of inputting a bad address.