We recently posted the story about Franklin Junction, which is bringing virtual brands into Ruby Tuesday kitchens that have excess capacity to power off-premises orders. As NRD Capital spins up the “host kitchen” concept, it has partnered with Qu to aggregate digital orders from third-party delivery companies.

Franklin Junction and Qu are leveraging their respective restaurant and technology expertise in launching what it calls a first-of-its-kind marketplace “driven by fast, efficient ordering and omni-channel commerce capabilities.”

The new partnership gives restaurants the ability to quickly and easily manage orders through a single interface and send them directly to the kitchen. Qu’s Qu-1MENU platform includes unified menu management across brands and channels, with native third-party delivery integration and multi-brand reporting.

While any cloud kitchen concept can benefit from Qu’s cross-brand platform capabilities, KitchenUP is unique because it enables a single restaurant brand to become a host kitchen to any number of other brands—with each brand’s menus, orders, sales and reports managed and available from a single interface—providing immediate sales and revenue opportunities.

“Our ability to leverage Qu’s native platform and kitchen workflow expertise to quickly build a robust technology solution for our new host kitchen concept made our technology decision very easy,” said Aziz Hashim of Franklin Junction & NRD. “Qu’s direct delivery integrations and multi-brand management capabilities are a  perfect match for our needs.”

With Franklin Junction and Qu’s KitchenUP, restaurant brands and ghost kitchen, operators can now:

  • Rapidly expand delivery footprints to new guests in untapped markets, increasing sales potential;
  • Repurpose excess kitchen capacity to introduce new concepts/menus and recoup revenues;
  • Run campaigns to drive traffic from third-party to first-party ordering;
  • Manage production of all digital orders from one device, minimizing frustrating from ‘tablet farms’;
  • Build menus one time, in one place, across multiple channels with Qu-1MENU platform ;
  • Access holistic multi-brand, multi-channel reporting from one system.