Restaurant Revolution Technologies, a platform that integrates online ordering with restaurant point of sale, announced a new partnership that integrates marketing and loyalty.

The company is now integrated with Thanx, which blends customer engagement, customer data, loyalty and marketing messaging. Under the new partnership, users of Restaurant Revolution will be able to update menus in real time, integrate suggestive ordering, monitor the order flow and capture customer data across the ordering process.

It will also make it easy for restaurant customers to sign in with a single sign on, easing the process for all those folks who set it and forget it.

“Providing collaborative integrations and the latest in platform innovations ensures our restaurant partners’ customers receive the best overall experience,” said Revolution CEO Brad Duea.

Zach Goldstein, founder and CEO of Thanx said it significantly reduces friction by aligning ordering and loyalty.

“We are excited to integrate Revolution’s technology with our mobile applications where consumers can now place orders with the same account where they earn rewards and leave feedback for their favorite brands,” said Goldstein. “It’s an even bigger step forward for our restaurant partners who can target customers with personalized promotions across channels.”