EatMise, an atypical NYC-based food delivery company, continues to pique the interest of both restaurant enthusiasts and at-home cooks with its on-demand ingredient platform.

The concept allows its subscribers to choose popular menu items from select Manhattan restaurants and receive fully prepped, fresh ingredients to cook the dishes at home. Customers are able to choose a delivery date and time. Dishes are prepped and seasoned by the restaurant chef and include a recipe with detailed instructions. Subscribers receive perks such as free delivery and no service fee, and are able to cancel or pause their subscriptions at any time.

Since its inception in 2021, EatMise has forged partnerships with over 30 restaurants throughout Manhattan, fulfilling over 3,000 orders to date.

EatMise founder and CEO Robert Chen says while the majority of restaurants are taking advantage of off-premises dining, “the reality remains that certain dishes fail to maintain their quality during delivery.”

“We launched EatMise for those who value restaurant quality food but want the convenience of at-home delivery. Our business model and solution meet a market need that touches multiple industries and audiences. It’s been a win-win for everyone involved and we look forward to growing our well of restaurant partners and couriers,” said Chen.

“Dakgalbi Kimchi-Bap” a dish from NYC Korean food restaurant, 8282, is available for meal kit delivery via EatMise.

The company is partnered with various Manhattan restaurants including 8282, Ivan Raman, Totto Raman, OBAO, Pure Thai, Luke’s Lobster, Spicy Moon and more.

“In Korea, especially during the pandemic, ‘ready-made’ meal kits have become extremely popular. When I met with the EatMise team, I knew that this would be an opportunity for us to explore this new food delivery option,” said Jee Kim, owner of 8282, a Korean food restaurant most recently added to Michelin Guide New York. “At 8282 we pride ourselves on being able to connect with customers who don’t always want to dine out but love our food enough to want to recreate it at home. We’re looking forward to our continued work with EatMise and being able to provide our customers with new recipes right to their doorstep.”

In addition to its unique building blocks, EatMise also poses a delivery model that aims to better utilize the courier’s time. EatMise drivers often average over four deliveries per hour, enabling the company to “offer competitive wages and a steady stream of assignments” for its 20 and growing number of couriers—according to company.

Deliveries are also made during restaurant off-peak hours and orders are prearranged the night prior and distributed to drivers in consolidated batches.

After 11 years in Manhattan’s finance sector, Chen launched EatMise as way to support his favorite neighborhood restaurants that were struggling to navigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the coming months, Chen and his team will be expanding product offerings with a focus on same-day ordering and delivery, new delivery windows, as well as exclusive restaurant perks.