The delivery world is rife with partnerships these days as the landscape continues to evolve. A new partnership between Olo and Google shows that the growing delivery industry is shaping how some of the world’s most impactful companies do business, while making it even more frictionless to order delivery meals.

With the new partnership, digital order aggregator Olo and Google are linking their technology to provide a nearly seamless way to order from Olo’s 300 restaurant brands and 70,000 locations straight from Google’s pages.

The tie-up seems like a major win for both companies. Olo strengthens its pole position among order integrators with a unique (for now) connection to one of the most powerful companies on the globe. For Google, these sorts of deals show it making good on its previously stated efforts to do more in the meal-delivery space.

Olo restaurants also get a bit of a bonus under this partnership. Since Google orders are routed through the brand’s ordering channel (operated by Olo) instead of a third-party delivery network, they retain access to all of their consumer data.

This new ordering option will be displayed across Google properties, with Google’s new Order Now button that rolled out earlier this year. It will show up on Google Search, Maps and will function with Google Assistant and Google Home devices, as well.

Noah Glass, founder and CEO of Olo, said as delivery becomes more normalized, search has become a growing part of the delivery funnel.

“Search is increasingly becoming the path to purchase in the restaurant space and we are thrilled to team up with Google to make ordering easy while allowing restaurants to own the digital relationship with their guests,” said Glass. “Any consumer searching for a restaurant brand should have easy options to order from the restaurant directly with as few clicks as possible, which is what this integration enables.”

Google stated that it hopes to do more partnerships like this. It will be interesting to watch how that Order Now button evolves as it captures more and more orders. Watch for further partnerships around that button in the months to come.