Qu, a new-age restaurant tech and POS company, launched a new feature called the Commerce Cloud that adds a new level of speed and stability for enterprise restaurants. It ensures fewer lost transactions and higher levels of guest and employee satisfaction, and was designed to support the needs of large restaurant chains looking for rapid access to data and faster, more reliable order-taking and payment processing.

“Today’s restaurant technology stacks are increasingly reliant on the cloud for stable order-taking and payment processing,” the company said in a press release. “But too often, guest transactions and experiences are compromised, and operations interrupted by network and bandwidth issues or lost connectivity. Qu has solved these challenges with its commerce cloud, which includes three crucial key layers of redundancy.”

Those layers of redundancy include:

  • Peer to Public Cloud: Every terminal and in-store device connects independently to the public cloud and removes single points of failure.
  • Peer to Peer: Every terminal and in-store device is connected to and shares check and order data with each other, avoiding data loss if a client (or the public cloud) goes down.
  • Peer to In-store Cloud: Every terminal is connected to an in-store cloud, which increases the speed of operations and adds a robust layer of redundancy.

“Deploying the Commerce Cloud is another way Qu helps restaurants succeed in an increasingly competitive industry with higher levels of stability, faster transaction processing, and lower levels of latency,” said Qu CEO Amir Hudda. “The strong technical acumen of our teams has led us to build the most modern, stable, and secure restaurant ordering platform … helping us pioneer the future.”