Taco John’s teamed up with point-of-sale software provider, Qu, to deploy a new, unified commerce platform.

Striving to deliver consistent, data-driven experiences across multiple channels, Wyoming-based Taco John’s is leveraging Qu’s integrated product suite—from POS and kitchen display (KDS), to kiosk, drive-thru and curbside systems.

Taco John’s saw significant customer pivots to off-premises and drive-thru during the pandemic, emphasizing the need for a modern, cloud-based system focused on quick-service enterprises. Qu’s decoupled front and back end allow franchisees and corporate teams to easily make changes to menus and pricing.

“Qu’s triple redundant enterprise cloud model has alleviated the fear of our system going down,” said Taco John’s CEO Jim Creel. “Our franchisees love the new system because of its speed of training and improved stability, whether using the drive-thru, kiosk or counter. With Qu’s ‘Flex’ POS and their standalone kiosks, our local teams can pivot to self-service ordering when they see fit, maximizing efficiencies based on demand and staffing levels.”

Tapping into Qu’s unique single-menu management and enterprise portal, Taco John’s corporate teams enjoy the ability to dynamically administer LTOs and make multi-channel changes in one place, saving time and resources. Qu’s omni-channel KDS provides a 360-degree view of all order channels, on-prem and off-prem, in real time, empowering the staff to communicate with guests about their order at the push of a button—further aligning the order-taking and production process.

Director of Restaurant Technology, Steve Smyth, added “Our operators and franchisees get real-time data from Qu’s mobile ‘Notify’ app, delivering insights needed to optimize in-store operations and better handle peaks and valleys over the course of the day.”

In addition to using Qu’s data-driven commerce engine for the guest ordering experience and kitchen production, Taco John’s selected DecisionLogic for back-office and inventory management. The fully integrated front and back of house systems help better manage operations and performance so the brand can continue growing and serving guests effectively—while getting insights on sales and labor to further boost margins.