Lunchbox has taken another step into catering through a new partnership with DeliverThat designed to offer white-glove delivery support for larger, enterprise-grade restaurants across the country. 

The partnership is only the latest of several portfolio expansions for the New York-based restaurant tech player, including in the catering space. Last spring, the company released Catering 2.0, which is a management suite for restaurants to streamline the catering experience. 

In June, the company announced its acquisition of enterprise ordering provider NovaDine. Most recently, Lunchbox hired catering expert Erle Dardick as its chief strategy officer that’s part of what he called a “hard and heavy” push into the catering market. 

DeliverThat is a catering delivery and setup company founded in 2016. It has since grown to a network of nearly 20,000 active drivers with operations in all major cities in every state in the U.S. It offers flat-rate delivery service and an around-the-clock team of customer service agents based at its headquarters in Canton, Ohio. 

Lunchbox claims its enterprise catering order management solutions can drive higher check averages and a shorter return on investment compared to more traditional third-party catering options. 

The partnership will allow Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch users to tap into DeliverThat’s fleet of drivers to handle the delivery of catering orders without requiring restaurants to dedicate their own employees to fulfillment. 

“Catering will grow over 10 percent in the next 7 years, and it’s our job to enable our enterprise restaurants to tap into that revenue,” said Lunchbox co-founder and CEO Nabeel Alamgir. “We’re delivering a best-in-class off-premise ordering solution and we’re now building on top of that, partnering with DeliverThat to provide an end-to-end catering delivery experience for our clients.”

The collaboration between the two companies is expected to elevate the customer experience, allowing restaurants to manage their entire catering delivery process—from order placement to delivery, with greater efficiency and precision.

“This partnership will provide restaurants a strategic entry point into the $300+ billion catering market. Accessibility has been a priority for the DeliverThat team this year, and our new partnership with Lunchbox aligns with that directly,” stated Darien Terrel, CEO for DeliverThat.