Flybuy Connect, a new AI-driven solution by Flybuy, aims to eliminate restaurant wait times and provide a more accurate handoff for drive-thru, pickup or delivery orders.

The service uses both customer expectations and real-time kitchen information to deliver correct promise times and updates as they are happening.

Flybuy Connect is available on the Flybuy platform. The solution provides a unique alternative to the majority of capacity management solutions, which are mostly focused on staff operations within the kitchen.

Flybuy Connect uses ETAi, a proprietary machine learning technology, to deliver precise customer ETAs.

Alonso Vargas, SVP of Product at Flybuy, talked about how this service is set change the status quo for capacity management solutions. “Flybuy Connect reinvents this approach by bringing the customer into the process, delivering invaluable insights such as travel time to be aligned with kitchen realities. Leveraging billions of anonymized data points, our AI-driven solution offers more accurate promise times and mobile updates, empowering restaurants to optimize operations, provide superior customer experiences, and maintain a competitive edge in today’s increasingly competitive market,” he said.

Flybuy Connect uses machine learning to study food prep times, customer travel time, kitchen capacity, and staff availability. The consideration of these four factors helps to provide reliable time estimates to customers. ETAi™ uses machine learning to provide a precise ETA based on information such as the customer’s location and travel time. Flybuy Connect then uses auto-order integration by starting orders in the kitchen based on when the customer is approaching. This feature ensures food freshness as well as staff efficiency.

On the customer side, Flybuy Connect is fully transparent about the order preparation process. Customers receive mobile notifications at each stage of preparation to provide a precise order ready-time.

Flybuy Connect was designed to counter the 37 billion hours each year that U.S. consumers spend waiting in queues. The majority (80 percent) of customers report looking for alternatives after one negative experience, which highlights the need for accurate delivery times.