Flybuy, a location technology company, has added a new feature to its pickup platform: wrong-site detection.

This patent-pending, proprietary technology enables restaurants to detect when a customer has headed to the wrong pickup location for their order and sends a message informing them to head to the correct site.

The system also notifies employees so they can manage accordingly and prevent food waste or the need to remake an order.

According to Flybuy, about 30 percent of a brand’s support calls, refunds and chargebacks are due to customers going to the wrong location—whether it be from moving too quickly through online checkout or multiple of the same restaurant located in close proximity to one another.

“This feature is currently live in restaurants nationwide and is proving to be immediately effective, with an average 50 percent reduction in wrong location mistakes and a 15 percent reduction in refunds,” said Marc Wallace, CEO and co-founder of Flybuy, in a statement.

The new feature has already launched in Chipotle restaurants nationwide, via their updated mobile app powered by Flybuy. Through its app, Chipotle provides wrong-site detection, updates on order status and the ability to send users reminders to scan for rewards upon arrival at the restaurant.

Flybuy deploys customer experience platforms through geotracking in over 50 countries. This includes Flybuy Pickup for curbside, in-store and delivery driver pickup optimization, as well as drive-thru and loyalty automation and its Pay function for location-based mobile payment facilitation.