Flybuy, a location technology that predicts customer arrival times, has partnered with Apex Order Pickup Solutions to create delivery and takeout lockers with real-time data to help restaurants and retailers maximize food freshness and locker capacity.

With Flybuy’s predictive technology allows automatic locker opening upon arrival, can provide customers with a code as soon as they enter the establishment, and also enables monitoring food freshness based on when the items enter and exit the lockers, among others.

In a joint press announcement, the companies added that with “86 percent of consumers ordering delivery multiple times a month, many restaurants agree that shelf pickup is not a long-term solution because it contributes to food spoilage and order mistakes. Providing the customer a choice of order fulfillment options is key and being able to execute is crucial to a high-quality customer and staff experience.”

“Flybuy allows crew members greater visibility to know when an order should be placed in the locker,” says Mike Rizzo, chief growth officer at Apex. “Customers are given information regarding their order throughout their journey to the store, as well as pickup instructions upon arrival. The crew is aware of the customer’s exact location, can prepare and load orders into a locker to coincide with the customer’s arrival, without having to put labor against curbside delivery or managing the order handoff.

With their powers combined, the two companies said this data gives operators more tools to optimize their off-premises business, and provides customers with a frictionless locker pickup experience.

Jessica Jackson, director of strategy and innovation at Dine Brands Global, said, “Since launching with Flybuy, we have come to rely on location technology to perfectly time our [off-premises] order handoff for our guests and delivery drivers. We are testing lockers with location technology with our delivery drivers, so they know exactly where to go to pick up the order. We’re seeing that these lockers are already increasing team member efficiencies, delivery driver pickup convenience, and higher quality products to our guests.”