Eatsa, a technology provider in the restaurant space known for its novel “automat-like” digital cubbies for food pickup, has moved into the virtual restaurant space.

In a partnership with Deliveroo, a UK-based food delivery company, the firm will now power a virtual kitchen. Something eatsa CEO Tim Young says will alter the entire industry.

“Virtual restaurants, which are designed specifically for delivery, are going to be a game changer for the industry. The huge consumer shift we are seeing toward delivery has created an undeniable opportunity for restaurant brands, as well as the people building virtual restaurants, to tap into these new revenue channels without the capital expenditure of a traditional restaurant,” said Young.

The Deliveroo Food Market, which will open in Singapore, includes a wide range of technology from eatsa. In the mix is real-time kitchen time tracking so delivery drivers can have an exact timeline for their pickup, status boards and clearly marked orders ready for pickup. The system also integrates multi-channel ordering from kiosks, mobile, walk up, web and catering that routes orders to the correct cooking station in the back of house.

The initial location serves as a proving ground for eatsa’s expanding product suite for the virtual restaurant or ghost kitchen niche.

See the full press release here at GlobeNewswire.