Presto Automation, a leading developer of restaurant voice AI, has collaborated with OpenAI to incorporate generative AI chatbot ChatGPT into Presto Voice, its drive-thru voice assistant. 

Presto Voice is deployed in chains throughout the U.S. including in over 600 Del Taco locations. The platform integrates a restaurant’s menu and takes orders while becoming smarter every time a customer uses the system, generating logical responses to customer queries. 

With Open AI’s ChatGPT, Presto will leverage its large language model to create more natural, human-like conversations and responses with customers. For example, rather than saying “I have one burrito no guacamole, one burrito no tomatoes” Presto Voice could say “that’s two burritos, one with no guac and one with no tomatoes.”

The system also creates tens of thousands of test guest orders representing different tones, personas and order types to train the system’s speech, accents, etc. ChatGPT will also create restaurant-specific and region-specific menu knowledge bases, to improve restaurant data and menu management. 

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with OpenAI since it will enable us to accelerate product innovation and further our mission of overlaying next-generation digital solutions onto the physical world,” said Rajat Suri, founder and CEO of Presto. “Both ChatGPT and Presto Voice represent cutting edge AI applications that can supercharge productivity and revolutionize the way humans work and think.”

Presto claims that over 95 percent of orders are taken without human intervention and that on average restaurants see a 6 percent increase in sales due to consistent upselling. 

Adding ChatGPT is one of the many endeavors the company has pursued to improve its AI drive-thru experience. Last year, it announced a custom voice feature that has the ability to use voices of celebrities, brand personas, or even Santa Claus during the holidays.  

In addition, the platform continues to expand its Presto Vision, which provides various analytics from street traffic to repeat customers via license plate recognition.