After announcing plans last year to bring its stable of virtual restaurants to the East Coast and Texas, Helbiz Kitchen is opening its first ghost kitchen at West 38th Street in New York City. Orders will come in using Kitchen United’s MIX app, on-site kiosks and Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub to generate orders.

Its new ghost kitchen promises “exceptional culinary experience” through a selection of options intended to reflect the tastes of the New York City community. The company’s first three brands available at the New York City location include Burger & Sons, Pokaii and What the Farm.

“We are proud to bring Helbiz Kitchen to the East Coast and the community of New York City,” said Gian Luca Spriano, CEO of Helbiz Kitchen Inc. “Our goal is to become a valued addition to the city’s vibrant food scene and continue our growth trajectory in key markets across the nation.”

Helbiz Kitchen is a subsidiary of Helbiz, a New York-based micro-mobility service provider that operates a fleet of e-scooters, e-bikes and electric mopeds in cities around the world. The company’s messaging leans heavily on sustainability, with the goal of using as little new natural resources as possible.

In New York City, Helbiz Kitchen will leverage its existing customer base from the Wheels long-term vehicle rentals, making the city another market in North America where the company operates both vehicle rentals and now food delivery.

In a press release, Helbiz Kitchen did not state why its first NYC location opened three months later than what was originally announced back in December.

Helbiz added that it’s committed to further growth, and plans to expand its operations to one additional location in New York City, as well as “other key markets” across the country. It already has operations in Los Angeles, Austin, Texas, and Santa Monica, California.