Uber has ended its Nationwide Shipping program, effective on April 30th, shuttering its short-lived Goldbelly competitor that allowed restaurants and merchants to send packaged goods through the mail to all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii.

In late February, Uber sent out a notice to its Nationwide Shipping merchants, informing them that the program will end on April 30th, the last day customers can place orders through the Nationwide Shipping Sales Channel (NWS). On that date, all NWS stores will be deactivated and no longer visible to customers.

This closure does not impact any other sales channel through Uber Eats.

Meghan Casserly, Uber’s head of communications for delivery, confirmed the news and said the company will refocus on its traditional meal delivery offering.

“After experimenting with nationwide shipping for select merchants across the country, we’ve made the decision to sunset the experience,” Casserly said.

Uber launched its Nationwide Shipping initiative last summer in the wake of Goldbelly’s success in allowing restaurants to send packaged goods to consumers across the country. Through Uber, the items were shipped through FedEx, giving customers a tracking number to monitor delivery progress of orders.

At the time, Uber cited two years of lockdowns and decreased travel as reasons to begin the NWS program.

“Over the last few years (especially during two years of lockdowns with decreased travel), consumers have shared their desire to bring specialty food items straight to their home,” Uber said in a press release last summer. “But this isn’t just something consumers have asked for. We’ve heard loud and clear merchants’ desire to diversify their offerings and reach new consumers.”