With the goal of enabling restaurants to build better guest relationships, Paytronix announced a new integration with Square that allows merchants using any Square POS to incorporate Paytronix Online Ordering and Loyalty programs directly from the Square App Marketplace.

The integration with Paytronix allows businesses using Square POS to add Paytronix-powered online-ordering. Paytronix said the integration delivers elevated customer experiences by engaging guests with the right message at the right time to drive additional orders and increase spend.

The ability to add Paytronix Loyalty will also be available soon.

“Online ordering is now a key part of the restaurant guest engagement ecosystem, and it needs to work perfectly throughout the tech stack,” said Dan Murphy, VP strategic partnerships, Paytronix. “Brands must align all components of their digital guest engagement platform, and this integration of Paytronix with Square makes life easier for restaurants standardizing on the Square for Restaurants ecosystem.”

Benefits of the Square integration with Paytronix include:

  • Customization of the first-party ordering experience so guests have the same experience on site and on their mobile device.
  • Feeding orders directly from Paytronix Online Ordering to the Square POS and Kitchen Display System (KDS), thereby reducing errors and ensuring guests get what they ordered.
  • Aggregation and control of the third-party ordering channel, synching menus across all platforms and injecting orders directly into the Square POS and KDS.
  • Full integration with Paytronix Loyalty, coming soon to enable users of Square POS and Paytronix to easily gain purchase insights and build tailored offers that keep guests coming back.

“Square’s integration with Paytronix is about keeping guests coming back, with loyalty-driven engagement right at the point of sale combined with purchase insights and tailored offers designed to increase visits and revenue,” said Jane Hong, head of restaurant partnerships at Square. “Together, Square and Paytronix offer a nimble, scalable guest engagement solution that meets the needs of a restaurant as it grows.”

This new offering is available to US-based Paytronix and Square sellers. More information about the Paytronix integration with Square is available at https://www.paytronix.com/partners/partner-square