Paytronix says its new Order Experience Builder enables brands to create customized digital guest experiences without the need for third-party designers and developers. The new product allows restaurants to create fully branded ordering sites that are tailored to a brand’s priorities and design requirements.

In a press release, guest experience platform Paytronix said its new Order Experience Builder provides the simplicity of templates with the flexibility of a customized design solution, offered natively as part of the Paytronix Order & Delivery platform. This means brands can evolve and take advantage of enterprise-grade innovations, even as they keep the cost of ownership low.

Next-generation recommendation engines are powered by machine learning and the company’s latest digital-ordering architectures.

“Traditionally, brands have had two choices. One is a white-label product that puts up guardrails and severely limits what you can do to further differentiate your brand. The other is a custom design that requires a large budget and the need to work across multiple technology platforms,” said Dan Bejmuk, CEO of Dreambox, a digital agency that creates branded experiences for restaurants. “Paytronix Order Experience Builder bridges the gap, allowing us to focus on defining the ideal journey for a guest. This gives the user experience and design teams that chance to thrive. Rather than being bound to the technology, they are free to bring big ideas to life that move a brand forward.”

Order Experience Builder enables users to upload menus and images, then select from a series of layouts. From there, they can customize the layout to fit the brand’s chosen theme, including colors and typography. Customers can also synchronize branding across all digital touchpoints, including mobile-responsive sites.

“Brands crave the same freedom to design their digital presence as they have with their physical experiences,” said Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins. “When a brand opens a new location, they make it their own with paint, furniture, lighting, and a large investment to create the atmosphere that immerses guests in the unique characteristics of their brand. Digital-ordering platforms have to provide that freedom in a way that enables the brand to take advantage of new technology without the ongoing overhead of a custom site. Only then can brands truly digitally engage their guests in a way that guests expect from the brands they love.”

“Brand is important to us because the market is filled with restaurants that are all very similar to one another,” said Dylan Fallon, owner of Ninja City, an Asian fusion bar and grill in Cleveland, Ohio. “People come to Ninja City not just because of our great food, but because of the experience and the cool vibe. Everything we do is on brand and needs to be consistent. Order Experience Builder gives us a proven platform that we can customize with a look and feel that comes straight from the Ninja City brand. Plus, it enables us to keep that brand consistency without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a developer.”

The digital channel is an increasingly important touchpoint for brands, with as much as 41 percent of sales being generated digitally, according to research from PYMNTS and Paytronix (Restaurant Friction Index). That exceeds the sales generated on site (32 percent) and via phone (26 percent).

Paytronix published a video—here—showing the Order Experience Builder in action.