Cowboy Chicken consumers can’t get enough of that wood-fired rotisserie chicken. They just don’t want it to arrive cold. That would be an affront to all things western and poultry. That’s why Cowboy Chicken invests in delivery, which now includes working with hybrid-delivery provider Cartwheel.

The companies recently announced their partnership, which they said has been operational for several months.

Cowboy Chicken has integrated Cartwheel’s technology into its Olo-powered online ordering platform. Cartwheel’s functionality enables the chain to provide real-time tracking to customers and ease of use for managers and employees.

Cowboy Chicken is now able to run its self-delivery program while using third-party fleets during peak demand or overflow situations. Cartwheel’s technology allows operators to self-select certain orders for self-delivery—often those that are high-value or high-priority—and outsource the rest. The technology also provides an opportunity for Cowboy Chicken to enhance its catering operations.

“We are honored to partner with Cowboy Chicken, a brand renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Alex Vasilkin, CEO of Cartwheel, in a statement. “Together, we are redefining the delivery experience, empowering Cowboy Chicken to maintain control over its delivery services while delivering unparalleled convenience to its customers.”

Cowboy Chicken joins several other brands that have teamed with Cartwheel for hybrid delivery. This includes P.F Chang’s, Portillo’s, and Potbelly.