As labor costs continue to rise, many restaurants are turning to self-service kiosks to improve operational efficiency.

On the consumer-end, the toss-up for using kiosks comes with an expectation for customization and personalization when ordering.

That’s why Bite, a kiosk provider, has teamed with Thanx, a guest engagement and retention platform to integrate loyalty directly into the kiosk ordering experience.

The move ensures customers’ past interactions are recognized immediately when starting an order via kiosk, showcasing applicable rewards, real-time recommendations, and promotions that drive sales and strengthen brand loyalty.

“We recognize the growing importance of self-service kiosks in the quick service and fast casual restaurant industry,” said Zach Goldstein, CEO of Thanx, adding that the partnership “enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that loyalty programs remain central to the customer experience at every guest touchpoint.”

Bite and Thanx collaborate to drive loyalty and efficiency through kiosk technology.

Bite and Thanx collaborate to drive loyalty and efficiency through kiosk technology.

All purchases automatically link to the customer’s account, earning and tracking points through Thanx’s card-linked loyalty technology.

“As more brands adopt omnichannel strategies, having a loyalty program that spans channels is critical to stay relevant and meet customer expectations,” said Brandon Barton, CEO of Bite.

At Urbane Café, the integration has “revolutionized” customers’ experiences, according to the Director of Marketing, Caprice Kindgren.

“Addressing their main request of redeeming rewards on kiosks, this integration has made it effortlessly easy for our guests. Now, with all their rewards visible on the screen, it’s not just a win, it’s a big win for us.”