Staving off concerns that DoorDash was winning the delivery partnership game with uber-scale restaurants, Grubhub is trumpeting news that it inked a partnership with Dunkin’, the 14th largest U.S.-based franchise, with more than 9,400 restaurants in 41 states and more than 12,800 total locations across the globe.

The new Dunkin’ Delivers service was rolled out in 400 locations in the New York City metro area with Seamless, Grubhub’s New York brand. Following the initial launch, Dunkin’ and Grubhub will expand the service to new major metros including Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

“We’ve collaborated closely with Grubhub to optimize the service in our initial testing, and we’ve been encouraged by the strong customer response,” said Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, Dunkin’s vice president of digital and loyalty marketing.

“To ensure an operationally tight experience,” Grubhub is integrated into the brand’s point-of-sale system in the name of speed and accurate deliveries, the companies said in a joint press release. Special deals through June 23 include discounts and the chance to win a customized Dunkin’ bicycle in the brand’s pink and orange colors.

“By deepening our relationship through our direct POS integration, we’re able to create the most efficient process, ensuring that both in-store operations run smoothly and that customers get their favorites delivered in the fastest way possible,” said Seth Priebatsch, head of enterprise at Grubhub.

The announcement is just the latest in big restaurant-delivery partnership news, as most large franchised restaurants have gravitated toward exclusive deals. Subway is a notable exception working with multiple providers across the country.