Uber unveiled a handful of new features in June designed to make the ordering experience better for consumers. The new features include restaurant rewards, an enhanced pick-up experience through the app and priority delivery.

Priority delivery, no doubt, is the biggest game changer for consumers. It allows diners to pay a “nominal fee” to put themselves at the front of the delivery line. The company didn’t state what the fee will be. Materials from the company pegged it at $1, but that will certainly be on a sliding scale as Uber is apt to do. The company also didn’t say what happens if everyone is using priority delivery to get to the first spot in line at the dinner hour.

The new priority toggle button.

The program, announced June 15, is now rolling out, but isn’t in all markets yet. In our hometown of Minneapolis, the app feature was not available. In the same update, there is a “no rush” option that saves diners on the typical order fee if they don’t mind waiting a little longer.

The company also announced it will now allow restaurants to create a loyalty program within the Uber Eats platform. The program encourages diners to become a “virtual regular,” earning points via the number of orders or by the amount spent on delivery from the restaurant. Diners are able to track their progress, and participating restaurants will be highlighted with reward icons in the restaurant search menu. As diners scroll, they’ll see how many orders they need, how much they need to spend and the next reward their order would contribute toward.

The final feature concerns pick-up in the Uber Eats system. Uber announced a new, easier-to-read map for pickup orders. The new map allows users to check nearby restaurants for pickup and restaurants along their route. For restaurants, it means an easier way for diners to physically get to restaurants and order pick up via the Uber Eats system, which comes with no fees for the restaurant, something the company put in place earlier in spring 2020.

Uber Eats Head of Product Daniel Danker wrote that this is a real lifeline for restaurants. “The pickup map brings customers back to their storefronts while dine-in is still limited. It also provides restaurants an opportunity to connect with new customers while reconnecting with regulars,” wrote Danker. “When you order pickup with Uber Eats, you’re supporting your favorite local restaurants in a new way as our communities continue to recover.”