While alien enthusiasts were scanning the skies for unidentified objects on World UFO Day Monday, they may have noticed something else—flying footlongs. 

Subway launched an innovative initiative dubbed the ‘Ultimate Footlong Experience’, delivering sandwiches via drones in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and Orlando.

Subway drone delivery with Flytrex.

The move was accompanied by what Subway calls ‘intergalactic savings’ with promo code UFODAY, offering 20 percent off a Footlong sub with the purchase of a Footlong Dipper or Footlong Cookie. The deal runs through July 1.

According to a photo of the drone delivery, Subway is utilizing the provider Flytrex. In a promotional video, a drone is seen leaving the restaurant and flying to a family’s backyard, where it hovers and gently delivers the order down a tether. 

Flytrex drones operate autonomously and do not require human pilots. Typically, these drones fly at speeds up to 32 mph and can cover approximately five miles roundtrip. 

It’s unknown if the sandwich chain will continue to use drones for delivery beyond the promotion in the future. However, the trend in the industry seems to be on the rise. 

Several chains are currently testing drone delivery in select locations. Some examples include Chick-fil-A partnering with Flytrex and DroneUp, Sweetgreen collaborating with Zipline, Jersey Mike’s is also using Flytrex, and Wendy’s is working with Wing—to name a few.