C3 announced a new strategic investment that will “evolve” its global presence and solidify its offerings across the United States and United Arab Emirates. This will bring C3’s virtual restaurant brands and brick-and-mortar locations to the fast-growing UAE market, and help the company further expand in U.S. cities and suburbs.

C3’s new investors are Abu Dhabi Capital Group, Arden Digital Ventures and Clearlake Capital Group. The company said its venture with Abu Dhabi Capital Group represents a monumental international venture for its portfolio of virtual restaurant brands and brick-and-mortar locations, with plans for continued expansion in the UAE.

Sam’s Crispy Chicken

Abu Dhabi Capital Group will also provide counsel in the region surrounding joint ventures and further expansion. Plans call for the introduction of C3 brands to the region, including the new Umami Burger menu from Chef Alvin Cailan, host of the web series “The Burger Show,” as well as concepts from its roster of chefs, celebrities and creator partners.

Abu Dhabi Capital Group will also further support C3’s joint venture with Kitopi, a cloud kitchen platform, across the United Arab Emirates, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

With a continued focus on expansion in the U.S., C3’s work with Clearlake Capital Group and Arden Digital Ventures will enable bringing its virtual restaurant brands to additional American cities and suburbs.

Arden Digital Ventures will strengthen and fortify C3’s physical presence in prime U.S. commercial real estate developments and hotels. Its hospitality focus includes in-room dining, elevated restaurants and last-mile delivery experiences.

Clearlake’s subsidiary Victory Live, will place C3’s virtual restaurant brands in sports stadiums across the country. Clearlake Capital Group and Victory Live operate some of the world’s leading stadiums, providing an added opportunity for C3-centered brands around Victory Live’s ticketing and events business.

Adding to this, Clearlake Capital Group will provide added counsel as one of the world’s leading investment firms focused on private equity and special situation transactions in the technology, industrial and consumer sectors.

“As a result of our undoubted success and to keep pace with consumer demand, it’s imperative we continually and tactically expand our presence,” said C3 founder and CEO Sam Nazarian.

“Through our strategic alignment with Abu Dhabi Capital Group, Arden Digital Ventures and Clearlake Capital Group, we are able to not only maintain our expansion rate and scale as needed but also exceed expectations and continue to establish C3 as a leader in the food tech industry. ”

In the past two years, C3 has developed more than 45 digital brand and restaurant concepts, including Umami Burger, Sam’s Crispy Chicken, Krispy Rice, Sa’Moto, Cicci di Carne, El Pollo Verde, Kumi, EllaMia, Stonie Bowls, In A Bun, Plant Nation, Soom Soom Fresh Mediterranean, and Cindy Lou’s Cookies. The brand has engaged in several partnerships, including chefs Dani Garcia, Masaharu Morimoto, Dario Cecchini, Katsuya Uechi, Shimi Aaron, Alvin Cailan, Ralph Perrazzo and Cindy Kruse, as well as a collection of leading digital creators, influencers, and celebrities.