With plenty of cash on hand and a fast-growing staff approaching 500 employees, Boston-based ezCater moved into a new headquarters within the city’s Financial District. Having taken 97,000 square feet in the Congress Square building, its new space is 50,000 square feet more than its previous pad. This will make room for 200 new employees as the global catering provider plans for as many as 750 in the years to come.

The new workspace was designed to bolster the company’s culture, which it says is “rooted in transparency, fast and decisive action and a commitment to being insanely helpful,” a popular mantra of Co-founder and CEO Stefania Mallett.

Paying for fancy new digs shouldn’t be a problem, as ezCater has recently raised more than $320 million in investor cash. Its new headquarters takes up four floors and a rooftop at a WeWork building. The company chose a WeWork location for its flexibility to accommodate rapid growth that can be challenging with traditional, long-term leases.

A Boston Globe story announcing the deal said the new space has “all the touches familiar to tech offices sprouting around the city—everything from snack-stocked kitchens to huddle rooms galore” for workers needing a break from the open-office plan.

Having toured a number of restaurant technology firms, ezCater employees should be able to count on multiple cereal dispensers throughout the new office. Tastier than ball pits and sweeter than an on-site spa, abundant cereal is how you know you’ve truly made it in this business.