With school back in session right around the corner, DoorDash has partnered with Staples to offer on-demand delivery of supplies from nearly 1,000 U.S. stores.

Staples is now available on the third-party marketplace, featuring a wide selection of school essentials from pencils, crayons, lunch boxes, notebooks, printers and more.

“Parents, teachers and students at every grade can find and order just what they need on-demand, at the tap of a button,” DoorDash wrote in a post.

Staples is offering exclusive discounts on the DoorDash app through August 13, 2023, as part of back-to-school promotions. 

The partnership enables same-day delivery of the supplies, completed on average in under an hour, according to the company.

Staples is also offering consumers $20 dollars off orders valued at $40 dollars or more using code STAPLES20, now through August 13 on the third-party app.

Staples products are also available on DashPass, DoorDash’s membership program that wipes delivery fees.

The deal is part of DoorDash’s first-ever “back-to-school hub” which debuted on its marketplace earlier this month. The hub offers school supplies available to order via several locations across retail and grocery, from Staples, Walgreens, Office Depot, Aldi’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods and more.

The company continues to expand its marketplace beyond food and grocery. The Staples announcement comes on the heels of adding Lush Cosmetics and Party City to its marketplace.

In addition, in an effort to assist in the challenges faced by parents and kids when bringing homemade lunches to school, the third-party platform recently released Grab & Go Bento lunches through a partnership with actress Jessica Biel. The bento-inspired boxes are designed to appeal to picky kids and can be ordered to anyone’s doorstep.