School District Bans Food Deliveries; European Online Ordering

In what seems to be the first ban of its kind, a Florida school district will likely ban food deliveries to students. According to Spectrum News, a local Florida TV news station, the district would add a provision that would ban all food deliveries. One principal in the district said it’s a safety issue.

“The delivery people would just drive up, park right in front of the front door and you would see either the bag of food or the pizza,” Mitchell High School Principal Jessica Schultz told Spectrum News. “And they would walk up to our front desk and ask to deliver the food.”

The school board is expected to make the rule official at its next meeting. And while it’s just one school district, a ban like this should serve as a warning to the industry. Working with a school or a district to create a policy around delivery could go a long way in avoiding future bans like this.

European Food Delivery Company Picks Up Israeli Online Ordering Service      

Food delivery is big business overseas, and just like in the United States acquisitions are becoming increasingly commonplace. Case in point: Amsterdam-based food delivery firm recently signed a deal to buy 10bis, an Israeli online ordering company, for $157 million in cash. The transaction strengthens’s tech leadership in food delivery, the company said in its announcement of the deal. The move also extends’s reach into the B2B space. Based in Tel Aviv, 10bis operates an online food marketplace that provides employee meal benefits plans to corporations. Its technology enables businesses to replace their canteens not only with a delivery service, but also with local restaurants. operates in nine European countries and Vietnam.