Postmates has made it much, much easier to order with friends, coworkers and anyone else with its new Group Orders option.

In another notable app functionality update this week (along with Grubhub adding “perks”), Postmates created a new way to order as a group. With the addition of a Group Order button, diners can start an order and then send it out via text, email or social media. The new tool also allows for a spending limit per person.

This simple button solves an annoying part of large group orders that the Food On Demand team saw in person during our ice cream delivery test. We all had to pass around the order phone to pick and create our order.

The functionality seems to build on Postmates Party, which launched in March, but doesn’t force diners to order from restaurants from which nearby diners are also ordering.

There is also the ability to get free delivery for the entire group, but only if the group order originates from a Postmates Unlimited customer, a not-subtle push for more people to subscribe to the free-delivery perk and keep them closer to the company in this era of intense competition for active diners.

It doesn’t, however, seem to allow for each invitee to pay for their own meal, which is a logical next step for any groups with THAT GUY who hasn’t gotten Venmo or Cash App yet. So there’s still a little room for improvement, but at least Jenny won’t have to wander around the office to take our next Postmates order.