Uber is growing its white-label delivery offering through an expanded partnership with Deliverect, a Belgium-based delivery order integrator. The new service allows restaurants to offer fast deliveries that are fulfilled by Uber Direct. 

This integration requires a subscription to both Uber Direct and Deliverect Dispatch, and is currently available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the UK. The companies first partnered up in 2018. 

Deliverect CEO Zhong Xu

Restaurants using both Deliverect and Uber Direct can manage their customers’ experience from the moment they engage on their sales channel to the moment the order is delivered. Whether the restaurant receives orders on their own app, website, or social channels, Deliverect Dispatch allows them to tap into the network of Uber couriers as an option for cost-efficient, on-demand delivery with a goal of helping operators maintain control of their profit margins. 

Deliverect Dispatch streamlines back-end processes by integrating with the restaurant’s point-of-sale for speed and order accuracy. Orders made through a restaurant’s first-party channels are assigned automatically to Uber Direct and placed into the business’ existing kitchen operations, meaning restaurants can scale their first-party sales channels without increasing operational complexity within their kitchen.

Restaurants can also keep customers updated with real-time delivery status updates. Additionally, they can set the delivery fee pricing their customers pay for express, same-day and scheduled deliveries, with “no marketplace fees or hidden charges for the business.” This means more options for fast, cost-effective delivery for customers—and benefits to the bottom line for restaurants.”

“We’re thrilled to deepen our partnership with Deliverect to make it easier for merchants to offer delivery in a way that works for them and scales with their growth,” said Jordi Suarez, global head of Uber Direct. “On-demand delivery is no longer a luxury—today, it’s a basic consumer expectation. Uber Direct’s integration with Deliverect enables more merchants to own their full brand experience while delighting their customers and extending their reach.”

“The ability to provide reliable, fast delivery and get orders to consumers when they want them is an important ingredient for restaurant success. In fact, in the U.S., fast delivery is a top determining factor in whether consumers would order from a restaurant again,” said Deliverect co-founder and CEO Zhong Xu. “By expanding our partnership with Uber to bring the power of Uber Direct to our customers, we are providing restaurants with more tools to enhance and grow their online food sales, boosting both revenues and customer experience.”

The companies said restaurants using the integration can experience streamlined operations and increased opportunity for revenue, among other benefits. 

“As a leading virtual food franchise brand, we are always looking for innovative ways to use technology to improve our concept,” said Rudolf Donauer, managing director of Milano Vice, a virtual restaurant franchise. “Partnering more closely with Deliverect and Uber Direct simplifies our order management and delivery operations, and lets our kitchens focus on creating great pizza for customers.”