Editor’s note: Say2eat is now known as Sauce.

The idea of ordering food via social media is gaining more and more traction as messaging platforms gobble up our lives. Huge numbers of consumers live their life on some messaging app or another, be it Slack, Messenger or whatever. Ordermark is sliding right in via a new partnership with Say2eat Messaging.

Ordermark CEO Alex Canter said it’s another way the company’s turnkey restaurant platform can help restaurants continue evolving into something more digital—without building their own chatbots.

Basically, the white label system allows customers to begin an order, customize it and execute an order all via the chatbot. Say2eat claims that it can reduce order costs, collect data and increase order completion by reducing “abandoned carts,” or partial orders that were never completed.

It’s yet another service partnership in the ongoing battle between the order integration companies that serves as a differentiating point for restaurant operators. Say2eat has already partnered with POS providers Toast and NCR, as well as Ordermark competitors ItsaCheckmate and Omnivore.

Say2eat CEO Li-ran Navon said this new channel is another way for restaurants to go where their customers are.

”Ordermark streamlines operations for restaurants, while Say2eat is increasing restaurant’s mobile sales by meeting their guests wherever they are … that’s where the magic happens,” Navon added. “It’s incredibly innovative technology from both companies, and this partnership allows restaurants to remove obstacles to online discovery and ordering from their menu.”