Clover’s parent company, Wisconsin-based Fiserv, announced it has added to its integration between its point-of-sale product and BentoBox’s marketing and commerce platform. 

In addition to an existing online ordering integration, Clover’s platform now integrates with more BentoBox solutions including catering, reservations, kiosks, and menu management. 

Together, Clover and BentoBox say they can offer restaurants an all-in-one technology solution that unifies the in-person experience with the online restaurant. Further, the integrations will help restaurant operators deliver seamless hospitality experiences to diners while simultaneously implementing more efficient processes for operators.

“As restaurants continue to evolve in an increasingly digital marketplace, they require partners who provide purposeful technology designed to meet the needs of both the business and the customer,” said Dan Bjerke, global head of Clover. “Integrating Clover and BentoBox solutions help to ensure smoother, simpler day-to-day operations and the ability to further tap into omnichannel capabilities.”

“It’s more important than ever for restaurants to create seamless technology experiences for their staff and customers, from the moment diners look at the restaurant online to when they pay their check at the table,” said Krystle Mobayeni, founder of BentoBox and head of restaurant solutions at Fiserv. “We’re thrilled to deepen our integration with Clover as we work to simplify restaurant operations for businesses everywhere–enhancing operational efficiency, boosting revenue potential, and cultivating customer loyalty in the process.” 

Clover’s parent, Fiserv, purchased BentoBox in October of 2021. 

The Clover platform now integrates with the following BentoBox marketing & commerce platform solutions:

  • Reservations: Once the table status is updated in the Clover platform, the reservation status is also automatically updated. So, when a check is paid with Clover, the next reservation is automatically notified that their table will be ready soon and they should go to the host stand. This maximizes staff efficiency by eliminating the need for manual updating of table status and manual notification to reservation diners, ultimately creating a better diner experience as they get to their reserved table on time.
  • Catering: Online catering orders will flow through the Clover platform, so operators can see and centrally manage all orders—on-premises, online, and catering—in one place. With this integration, restaurants will be able to pull one report for data insights about their diners and their business, creating a single source of truth that unifies staff in the front and back of the house. 
  • Menu Management: Operators will have a single source of truth for their menus. If they update their menu through the Clover platform, it will also update the menu on their website or update the menu item for online ordering, kiosk, or catering.
  • Kiosk: The existing kiosk that includes Clover payment processing and Samsung hardware is now powered by BentoBox software that allows diners to place orders via the interactive display. Diners can also pay at the kiosk using a Clover Flex 3, with no restaurant staff required.