As an early winter blows its way into parts of North America, the delivery winds continue to shift as DoorDash expands its market share lead over Grubhub, which dropped to third place behind UberEats. These findings are according to exclusive research from Edison Trends, which analyzed 1.4 million delivery transactions across the USA.

Examining transactions that occurred during the first half of September 2019, Edison Trends found a handful of notable nuggets: DoorDash is leading the delivery market share race (by consumer spend) by a country mile; Uber Eats edged out former leader Grubhub by just over a percentage point; newly acquired Caviar customers have the highest price per order at $42; and Uber Eats customers have the lowest, at $27.

Zooming out to total on-demand consumer spend going back to March of 2018, DoorDash’s big turning point came last January when it overtook both Grubhub and Uber Eats to capture the top spot. Its market share lead has only increased in the subsequent months, as evidenced by a handful of other studies on the U.S. delivery scene.

Of course, there are many ways to carve up this cake. Depending on the company, some may point to daily average users, total number of registered customers or weekly transaction volume, among others.

Diving into the fine print of Edison’s latest findings tells us that Uber Eats has also seen its market share erode in recent months. Grubhub appears to be on a slight upswing starting in recent months, and it’s likely that trend continues with Grub’s major restaurant partnerships that are continuing to gain momentum.

As Postmates reportedly continues prepping for an initial public offering, its share continues to dip as DoorDash rises. It’s a safe bet that CEO Bastian Lehmann would like to see a blip in its numbers for the narrative that it’s still one of the “big four” rather watching the party from outside a frosty window