Slice, a pickup and self-delivery provider for independent pizza restaurants, announced a partnership with Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports and creator of One Bite, the digital series in which Portnoy tastes and scores pizza in what he describes as “pizza reviews for the common man, by the common man.”

With over 17,000 local pizzerias in its network—which the company adds is more than double the U.S. footprint of Domino’s—Slice’s mission is to keep local businesses thriving by offering the same specialized technology, marketing, data insights, shared services, and guidance that pizza franchises offer franchisees.

Portnoy, who has personally taste-tested and reviewed pizzas from over 1,000 independent pizzerias across the U.S., is teaming up with Slice as an equity partner to empower independent pizzerias in every community.

Portnoy has not only become an authority in the pizza category, he has a passion for helping small businesses. Inspired by the economic hardship many businesses faced as a result of COVID-19, Portnoy created the Barstool Fund and has raised over $41 million to support small businesses. His effort to help small businesses doesn’t end there. The founder of Barstool Sports will use his market reach and loyal following to help Slice attract more pizzerias and capture a bigger share of the $47 billion dollar industry.

“The team at Barstool has been exceptional to work with and we’re looking forward to doubling-down on our partnership with Dave by welcoming him as an advisor and equity partner,” said Ilir Sela, founder and CEO of Slice. “Dave is an incredible business man with an unmatched level of passion and authenticity. We’re thrilled to have him supporting our efforts to bring better resources to the independent pizzerias that deserve to thrive.”

“Slice has been partnering with Barstool for some time, which has given me the opportunity to get to know Ilir and understand his vision,” said Portnoy. “These guys at Slice are really helping small businesses and that’s why I’m excited about this partnership. I want to get more money into the pockets of independent restaurant owners and I firmly believe Slice has the tools, technology and expertise to grow their businesses.”