BMW has partnered with Olo, the New York-based food-ordering platform, to launch a trial enabling U.S. BMW drivers to order restaurant meals while behind the wheel of their cars. Nekter Juice Bar and Portillo’s Hot Dogs are the first brands to participate in the in-car ordering pilot. BMW owners can send food orders directly from their vehicles by visiting the BMW Labs website through the car’s infotainment, and then the onboard navigation will direct them to the restaurant to pick up the meals.

The pilot is an R&D exploration of how the guest experience can translate to an in-car setting. The pilot is available for compatible BMW vehicles from 2015 onward. Vehicle compatibility will be checked when users log in to the BMW Labs site throughout the rest of 2019.

“Ordering lunch from the car with a push of a button—we’re living in the future,” said Jackie Berg, VP of marketing at Olo. “The convergence of commerce and convenience is opening up exciting potential for restaurants and we are thrilled to work with BMW and our pilot brands to experiment with how in-car ordering will evolve and shape how consumers order.”

The online ordering experience is designed for easy pre-configuration of orders, making saved favorites and making repeat orders easy. Trial participants can order and pay with the push of a button and follow driving directions to pick up their orders.

“Since day one at Nekter Juice Bar, it’s been our mission to make our menu … easily accessible to everyone on their individual paths to wellness,” said Steve Schulze, co-founder and CEO of Nekter. “Collaborating with innovative and forward-thinking brands such as BMW and Olo will help us expand this accessibility while also supporting our speed-of-service initiatives for people on-the-go.”

For more information on the trial, visit the BMW Labs website: or click HERE to see how it works with Portillo’s.