Delivery intelligence platform Loop continues to partner with growth brands looking at AI to maximize third-party delivery profitability.

Several chains have tapped the company as of late, including Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. The fast-casual will utilize Loop’s AI-powered tech stack to address critical pain points in juggling multiple delivery channels. 

This is done through a product suite that automates back-end operations such as reconciliation. 

In a former interview with Food On Demand, Loop co-founder and CEO Anand Tumuluru said the company’s reconciliation product offers a detailed breakdown of a restaurant’s financial data that analyzes transactions and categorizes expenses, “to offer thorough visibility into your marketing spend, commissions, taxes and your chargebacks” to make sure “you’ve run a tight ship with all of these items.” 

Along with reconciliation features, Loop provides automated booking, real-time store availability management, as well as performance metrics and marketing optimization. The company also has a Chat GPT-4 feature that lets operators SMS questions regarding their back-end operations.

Sean Thompson, VP of IT at Freddy’s said that Loop understands the nuances of working with franchise groups and “looks forward to working with them to simplify the complex systems around third-party delivery.”

“Freddy’s is up and to the right in every sense of a successful food brand, growing to 800 locations from 500” and “a changing channel mix skewing towards digital,” said Tumuluru. “Loop neatly fits into their pursuit of operational excellence and financial rigor at scale by hardening their third-party delivery channels.” 

Dave’s Hot Chicken utilizes Loop to better manage off-premises operations.

Dave’s Hot Chicken is another brand now utilizing Loop. With goals to open an additional 70 locations this year, the 700-unit chicken chain is using the platform to better manage its growing off-premise side of the business.  

“Off-premise continues to grow, and we want to ensure we’re positioning ourselves to maximize its profitability,” said Jim Bitticks, Dave’s Hot Chicken’s president and COO, in a release.

LoopAI’s technology allows us to monitor and manage our 3PD platforms. Most importantly. It helps make our franchisees more profitable.”