Brightloom, a customer growth platform, has formed new partnerships with Lunchbox and Utiliti, new integrations with Square and Snowflake, and new updates to its Insights Navigator, which helps restaurants automate personalized customer engagement.

As part of the news, Seattle-based Brightloom announced new customers, including Honeybrains and R&R BBQ.

With the holiday season accounting for an average of 20 percent of restaurants’ annual sales, the company stressed that Q4 is a critical period for restaurants to attract and retain customers. The stakes are even higher this year as the latest Consumer Price Index reported an 8.6 percent increase in dining out costs compared to last year.

“Now more than ever, restaurant operators must make every customer interaction count,” said Kellie Zimmerman, president and chief revenue officer at Brightloom. “Every brand we speak with is looking to supercharge their existing tech stack. From our foundational SmartSegments to navigating the new frontier of Web3, the Brightloom team is laser focused on forging strategic partnerships and scaling the CGP platform to help restaurants acquire, engage, and retain their customers more efficiently and effectively.”

Since Brightloom unveiled its CGP in early 2021, the company claims it has helped brands leverage their customer data to offer personalized recommendations. Brightloom says that restaurants of all sizes saw an average revenue per customer lift of 65 percent and an average 90-day customer reactivation lift of 50 percent.

Brightloom has implemented a series of product updates to the platform including:

  • Insights Navigator functions as a homepage and helps users connect the dots between analytics and customer engagement – summarizes the health of the customer base, identifies opportunities, and recommends specific actions to address the opportunities.
  • Data Health Report assesses the quality of a brand’s existing first-party data, to help inform which marketing strategies are currently available to them, as well as suggesting remedies to improve the health of their data going forward.
  • Customer Profile Dashboard helps users better understand the behavioral differences between different customer segments. E.g. the behaviors and actions that set their most loyal customer apart from other customers, so they can design incentives to encourage those specific behaviors in others.

In an effort to help restaurants improve the efficacy of their existing digital ecosystems, in 2022, Brightloom has implemented new partnerships and integrations to best serve their customers no matter the systems they are using.

Key highlights include:

  • The Lunchbox x Brightloom integration and partnership combines Lunchbox’s online ordering and customer engagement system with Brightloom’s customer intelligence and personalization solutions to create an end-to-end solution for restaurant brands looking to grow and retain their customer base.
  • New integrations with Square, PoS and marketing platform, and Snowflake, data warehouse, provide self-serve, no-code ways for Brightloom customers to manage how the CGP ingests their customer, order and payment data, as well as how they can then push their personalized recommendations to different marketing platforms.
  • Partnering with Utiliti, a Web3 developer platform, to provide next-generation customer engagement strategies leveraging emerging technologies.

This announcement follows Brightloom’s recent reveal of its Web3 Advisory Services, an offering targeted to consumer brands that want to modernize their customer relationships and experiment with emerging technologies. This service was first utilized by the fast-casual Asian restaurant chain, Wow Bao, when launching its NFT-based membership pass and club.