Vroom Delivery, a full-stack e-commerce platform for convenience stores, has partnered with Nextbite’s Ordermark to enable C-stores to easily add delivery to their repertoire.

Ordermark is an online ordering/delivery management platform enabling restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores to easily manage multiple online sales channels. The company rebranded as Nextbite in late 2021.

The new partnership is quickly attracting convenience stores, with “hundreds” of stores already up and running with delivery.

“We’re always looking for new ways to help our retail partners scale and automate their delivery operations,” said Vroom CTO Jeffrey Nelson. “Our partnership with Ordermark has allowed C-store chains on our platform to quickly roll-out proprietary ordering programs without the need for any additional in-store installation or tablets as Ordermark handles all of that for us.”

“Our Ordermark technology was the first to aggregate all DSP orders into one tablet, followed by simplified menu management, and we continue to add new delivery service partners such as this exciting new partnership with Vroom Delivery—with a solution for convenience stores,” said Nextbite CEO Alex Canter.