Pasha Mehran, formerly Uber Eats’ head of dark kitchens and, before that, its head of national partnerships in the western U.S., has joined C3 as its chief strategy officer. He will oversee joint ventures with celebrity chef-driven restaurants, digital creators, culinary markets and ghost kitchen partners, with the goal of expanding C3’s footprint with Gen Z and millennial audiences. 

Continuing C3’s quest to turn itself and its sub-brands into household names, C3 said Mehran joins the company at a crucial time “as the brand revolutionizes the restaurant hospitality industry with an array of marketing levers at its disposal.” 

C3 added that Mehran’s strategy closely aligns with its own drive to create a one-stop-shop for a multitude of cuisines that are accessible both digitally and through brick-and-mortar locations. So far, C3 has developed more than 800 digital brand locations across the U.S., with a claimed 1,000 additional locations in its pipeline. 

“Sam Nazarian is a true pioneer in the global lifestyle industry, having built some of the world’s most iconic hospitality brands. He has a proven track record for building lifestyle brands that connect with the modern consumer and C3’s brands are no exception,” Mehran said in a press release about C3’s founder and CEO. “C3 has capitalized on shifting consumer trends to build premium, quick service restaurants that are not only endorsed by A-list celebrities and Michelin-star chefs, but also by industry giants like TGI Fridays. I am excited to accelerate the growth of C3’s brands through a series of opportunistic acquisitions, marquee partnerships, and strategic joint ventures.”

At Uber Eats, Mehran oversaw national partnerships and spearheaded the Dark Kitchen category, which is projected to be a $1 trillion industry by 2030. Prior to this role, he served as Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Uproxx Media in addition to leading channel partnerships at Google. 

“Following a year of incredible success and growth, I knew that key industry talent, like Pasha, would be instrumental in the coming years at C3,” said Nazarian. “Pasha’s expertise in the industry and overall business savvy are unmatched. I am looking forward to having his insights lead our brand strategy as we gear up for even greater success this year.”

Mehran’s vision is to leverage his industry experience to build upon C3’s existing foundation, by bridging the gap between offline and online food commerce. The food service industry is undergoing a massive transformation and C3’s digitally native brands can help partners capitalize on that shift. Mehran intends to further C3’s supply chain prowess, cultivate Gen Z and millennial audiences, and expand C3’s suburban reach across America.