Recognizing the challenges restaurants face in managing multiple channels, DashTrack, an Arizona-based technology platform, is offering brands tools to help centralize their operations and grow their digital presence.

“Our goal is to help our clients’ businesses thrive by allowing them to effortlessly manage their concepts with just a single login,” said DashTrack founder and CTO Jordan Hudgens. “We’ve simplified the complexities of overseeing multiple concepts and locations and seamlessly integrated multiple features and functionalities of restaurant management into one easy-to-use platform.”

Developed from the standpoint that every restaurant has different needs, the platform provides a “one-stop solution” featuring a suite of business modules.

This includes customized website designs that reflect a restaurant’s identity, coupled with an easy online ordering system—integrated into all major POS engines and top delivery providers. Furthermore, the company’s table management system encompasses a reservation system to facilitate online table bookings.

Another key aspect of the tech, is boosting a restaurant’s online visibility in an effort to reach a wider audience. The company does this by providing operators with marketing tools via its AI SEO content engine.

The engine utilizes AI to generate SEO-friendly content for a restaurant’s website. DashTrack states the technology can understand a brand’s voice and builds content to support it. Additionally, the platform creates customized SMS and email marketing campaigns for restaurant brands.

Looking ahead, the company is developing an exclusive mobile app for its clients.

“We want to be more than a service,” said Hudgens. “We want to be an effective partner that helps our clients scale their growth and achieve success through the use of technology.”

Hudgens created DashTrack six years ago as his University master’s thesis project, as a management solution for a friend’s restaurant. Today, the platform offers over 50 integrations and services 200 locations around the country.