Dometic, a Sweden-based mobile living solutions company, aims to disrupt the North American delivery market with its temperature-controlled, smart delivery box that keeps food hot or cold during the delivery process. 

Resembling a dorm-room fridge, the DeliBox is designed to secure the bridge from the restaurant to the table without compromising food quality or temperature. 

“DeliBox solves the number one complaint, food arriving cold,” Dometic wrote in a release. “It guarantees a better customer experience and offers restaurateurs, ghost kitchens, and last-mile delivery platforms an opportunity to build trust and brand loyalty.” 

The box can be mounted on mopeds, motorcycles, electric bikes and placed in cars. It contains separate compartments with two temperature zones featuring heating and cooling elements, with the capacity to handle large and multiple orders. 

The smart box is equipped with an air purification system with cold plasma ion technology to ensure a clean interior atmosphere devoid of lingering odors from previous deliveries. It’s also easily customizable and can be wrapped with brand logos.

The DeliBox launched in 2021, but will now be more widely accessible in the U.S via a partnership with Denver-based Gallery Carts as its distribution partner. 

Gallery Carts manufactures and designs mobile carts, kiosks, portables and more. Owner Dan Gallery says in light of the FDA and other government agencies working to tighten regulations to ensure proper food safety, his company sees DeliBox as a total game changer.

 “Temperature control and risk management are critical issues for food transport,” Gallery added. “This versatile product not only lends itself to food, beverage, retail and hospitality, I can also see applications in the pharmaceutical industry for transporting temperature-controlled medicine to patients.”

 Gallery Carts, along with the Paradigm rep group are actively selling the DeliBox and expect to deliver the first nationwide orders in Q2 of 2023.