Square is joining the booze-delivery craze with a new feature that gives its sellers the ability to offer commission-free, on-demand alcohol delivery. This new offering is aimed at restaurants, retailers, bars, breweries, liquor stores, convenience stores and other sellers using Square Online, with orders fulfilled through a delivery partner.

For many restaurant and retail sellers, Square says this offering can provide a lucrative, nearly passive, revenue stream without the costly overhead associated with building out a delivery fleet or hiring and training additional staff.

Dan Chapman, owner of A.W. Wander Craft Beer and Pizza, a restaurant in Manlius, New York, said that the addition of beer delivery has helped him grow revenue and the margin of each delivery order, using existing stock that he already has available.

“Craft beer is really our business, so for us to be able to offer our core product commission free for on-demand delivery is huge,” he said “That said, there will always be times when customers would rather have a drink at home—we don’t want to miss out on that occasion. Adding a couple of beers to a food delivery is great for the customer and really meaningful to our bottom line.”

On-demand delivery allows sellers to offer alcohol delivery to their customers easily and affordably. When an order is placed on a Square Online ordering page, a courier from Square’s delivery partner DoorDash is dispatched to the business location, picks up the order, delivers it to the buyer and ensures age verification.

Consumers are able to track their order and sellers pay a flat fee of $1.50 per order to Square, and a delivery fee to the fulfillment partner—with no marketplace commission. Restaurants can take even more control of costs by passing on a portion of their fees to the buyer or by offering custom delivery promotions.

“We’re excited to offer a new way for restaurants, retailers and alcohol sellers to get the most out of their current inventory,” said David Rusenko, head of e-commerce at Square. “Whether that’s a restaurant monetizing its wine cellar, a grocery store supplementing their on-premises sales or a local brewery introducing old favorites to a new crowd, we’re proud to provide our sellers with a new way to make more money.”

More information is available at: https://squareup.com/us/en/online-store/breweries-bars